S. Korea? What are you thinking?

Many asked why. Their silence suggested their concern, or rather their confusion about my choice.  There was nothing to defend. There was nothing to explain. I needed a change. A new job and a place of solitude. And yes, I found all of the above while living in S. Korea.

GnB Family

To catch you up–I arrived on March 1st, 2010, the beginnig of spring and what seemed like the middle of the North Atlantic winter. The snow continued to fall off and on throughout the month of March.  The locals made several attempts in convincing me that, “It’s Spring”.  Needless to say, I wore winter gloves everyday and an overcoat until mid-May.  I did my best to embrace the weather by finding matching winter hat and scarf sets.(it’s a lady thing)   After nearly 3 months in Korea, the sunshine of Miami had become a faded memory.

What I did find in Korea was a surrogate family in an unlikely place.  I worked at a typical hagwon which is an after school English program for elementary school kids.  Immediately, my campus Directors, Mr. Lee and his wife Mrs. Kim invited me into their home and church.  She looked after me when I was ill.  She gave me items for my new home when I didn’t have any. She loved to call herself my “second mother”.  I had no expectations of meeting such wonderful people when I arrived in 2010. And here it is, almost 3 years later and I can only say nice things about the people that I have met along the way.

Moving to Korea is probably one fo the best life decisions to date. The food. The culture. The people.  My descriptions of Korea do not do it justice.  So if you are thinking of living in Korea I can say only one thing.  “Good idea.”

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