The Tastes of Korea

The tastes of Korea are extraordinary.  There is a richness in color that makes the food pleasing before it even touches your mouth.  The photo displays Hae Jang Guk (해장국) a spicy bone soup that is said to cure the common hangover.  The restaurants that sell this soup are usually open 24 hours, tending to those after hours patrons.  Me. Well it doesn’t have to be after hours for me to enjoy this delight. The meat is so tender it falls from the bones.  The spices so warm your insides heat up, to just the right temperature.  And the price, just right at ₩ 7,000.  That’s about $6.50.  Hae Jang Guk is just one, of many dishes you should try when visiting the lovely South Korea.

Pure Goodness

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