Never Miss a Market Day

When traveling, finding the local market is all a part of the adventure.  The luxury of coming across produce varieties which may not be found in our markets back home is a treat, I don’t want to pass up.  So, when I have the chance to explore new tastes, I rush to the market to see what can be bargained.

Market Day

My weekly trip to Dajeon Market (S. Korea), proves adventurous every time, as I wiggle my way through tarp-covered stalls, filled with chatting women and over-ripened fruit.  My initial instinct is to keep walking because the goods are speckled and distorted–looking nothing like the manufactured shapes we’ve become accustomed to, in America.  But I push on…..

Friends of the Market

In Daejeon Market, carrots are sandy, apples may be bruised and lettuce is found bundled—still holding onto their roots.  The adventure begins when asking for the price.  The woman minding the stall is just and fair, but still looks for a profit.  And all I want is freshness.  The more I buy, the happier she is.  The more I buy, the more the price goes down.   This doesn’t always work, but if she know’s you will be back, you have made a friend for life.

Ginger Roots

Fresh Ginger Root


Garlic Galore


Nothing is off limits in the market.  You can even find fresh fish–sliced and diced to order!

New Friends

I usually make a new friend when I visit. The fresh fish man.


Wild Mushrooms-Daejeon Market

A close up look at something unusual.  Wild mushrooms!

Market Day, by far, is my favorite day of the week.  Saturdays can’t come fast enough for me.  Fall is getting ready to make an appearance and surely the delicacies of the market will change, but I won’t stop going.  I look forward to seeing what the new harvest will bring in.



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