Who’s Francesca?


Francesca Today-About MeFrancesca Fraser is originally from Verona, New Jersey.  

Saudi Arabia is home.

For now,

She travels,

teaches, counsels, loves, explores,

dances, sings,

fails, dreams, succeeds,

expresses, wishes,

believes, offends,

apologizes, and everything else

a woman must do to claim her independence.  

Follow her blog as she travels to some familiar and unfamiliar places.  As she is determined to discover answers to questions that have yet to be asked.    

When she finds time to sit still, she is writing stories and poetry.  Her first book of poetry, On the Eve of Dusk, which examines the journey of a young woman through the pain of losing love, dreams and promises, can be found on Amazon.com.  

On the Eve of Dusk is Francesca’s debut book of poetry (2013) that is personal but universal to any woman who has loved so hard only to find herself swamped by the emotions of the heart’s redemption.



“The Field”,  Every Second Sunday Anthology,  S. Korea 2011

“Oh, You Mean the One that Tried to Fly?”, Metromorphosis Literary Journal, Miami 2010

“Gingerbread’n Gloves”, Metromorphosis Literary Journal, Miami 2010

“Fire of Self”, Metromorphosis Literary Journal, Miami 2010


  1. Greetings Francesca, Congratulations on your journey. We have a few pages we can share. I am Rossi on Safari. Your brother traveler. In 2010 I traveled to 25 countries on 4 continents. “L.I.F.E. Without Borders” will be completed for 2013. Let’s skype soon. Rossiturner – Travel anyone?


  2. My dear Francesca: I’m so excited whit your new blog. It´s an amazing window for travel lovers (like us, who like to get new experiences, meet people and discover places and different flavors, colors and smells of amazing dishes …). Thanks for give us the opportunity to know about your adventures . …. I´m still remember our last meeting in Spain, enjoying a very good white wine , in front of the Mediterranean sea…..
    I hope to see u soon. Come to visit me in London, please…. Here is my new residence…. and we can still enjoying ours conversations about how amazing and deep are life and travel …
    Big hug my friend….


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